This set of pre-cut tint overlays fit right on top of your existing rear bumper reflector.  No special tools or triming needed.  Choose from standard tints, or Neo-Chrome looks.  Comes ready to install.

Veloster NAV Bumper Reflector Tint

  • We use 2 different films for tinting vehicle lights, Oracal 8300 Transparent, and Dragon Laminates.  The Oracal 8300 Transparent is a traditional colored tint film, is easy to install, and will last many years.  The Dragon Laminate is a very unique product, but is slightly more difficult to install, and lasts about 1 year.  Tinting any light on a vehicle is for show and/or off road use only, may effect the light output, and may not be legal for on road use.  Huber Wraps assumes no liability for damages or legal issues arising from the use of light tint films.

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