This Brow and Tint really makes the front of the Veloster look agressive!  Designed in a way to work with the headlights and be easier to install than other kits, our kit features a precut set of brows that are installed first, and 2 sheets of headlamp film (also available with no tint).  This makes the install much easier, given the size and depth of the Veloster headlight housings.  Comes with installation instructions and squeegee for application.

Veloster Headlight Brow & Tint

  • All of our DIY Kits are made with Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.  We choose this film because it is easy to apply while also being very high quality.  Wraps are expected to last 2 to 5 years on average, depending on geographical location, vehicle storage, and proper care.  Wraps can be washed and spray waxed just like paint.  If you decide to remove your wrap, rest assured in knowing a clean removal with minimal adhesive transfer is likely if removed within 3.5 years from date of installation.  Product spec sheets are available for all of the materials we offer.

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